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I write all this in advance so I don't have to repeat it...
I am seeking "REAL" male subs or slaves

I am tired of wasting my time on wannabes!!!
I am not here to placate you, and play to your fantasy's...

Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness.

I am outspoken, direct, pointed, and deliver my message with cunning accuracy;
You might say, I am a straight shooting, no frills Domme.

I have been in the BDSM lifestyle sense 1976...
So don't try any nonsense with me...
It won't work!

My time is valuable ...
I will not put up with BULLSHIT...

NO to :::
ONLINE, PHONE, TEXT, or E-MAIL, Rudeness, or Game Playing Pretenders!
I abhor this behavior in anyone...You will be blocked!

I am sick of seeing guys with their dicks in their hands masturbating ...
What a waste of my time ... ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!

If you want a pro-session ... contact me via my page: Deco Vixen

If I ask you to call...DO NOT call me from a blocked number... I will not answer if you do !
If I ask you to call me, you will do so within 30 min ... failure to do so will result in blocking you!

I will either say YES or NO to a weekend tryout after our conversation.
During the tryout you will bring a tribute so I know you are serious.
Refer to my page for more info: Deco Vixen

If after a tryout I say "NO” ... do not contact me again!
If I say "YES" ... Get ready to move in with me ... ASAP

As a live-in if you're NOT willing to relocate to the Eastern Panhandle of WV... stop reading NOW

I am NOT looking to play... NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

If you want that ... visit my page at:  Deco Vixen


About my perfect Live-in:

  • No drinking, drugs, smoking, gambling!!!

  • You must be earning an income!

  • You must a US citizen and living in the USA now! ... I am not interested if you are not

  • I prefer over 40 yrs old. ( I will consider younger with experience )

  • You must be able to pass a background check.

  • You must be willing to turn over their entire life to me ... I will maintain total control.

  • You understand that you are “work sub/slave”, not a “sex slave“ and will not be entitled to any form of sexual fulfillment unless I grant permission.

  • I am a Pro Domme and I do have clients at my house, therefore you need to be ok with that ( this is NOT a daily occurrence! )

  • I have an Alpha Male in my life and I will be seeing him when I want for sex.

  • I walk a Wiccan path, and it is my system of belief (to try to convert me will result in me blocking you) I do not expect for you to follow me ... I will not try to convert you ... I feel you have a right to believe any way you want ... As do I

  • You must be a gentleman


My BDSM lifestyle is based on the following:

  • Honesty.

  • Trust.

  • Respect.

  • Communication.

  • No Secrets.

  • Loyalty.

  • Devotion.

  • Domination/submission.

  • Obedience.

  • Consent.


My Test Results:

81% Dominant
80% Master/Mistress
75% Primal (Hunter)
67% Voyeur
62% Primal (Prey)
61% Sadist
50% Experimentalist
45% Bondage giver
43% Non-monogamist
41% Switch
40% Exhibitionist
39% Daddy/Mommy
38% Vanilla
33% Brat tamer
31% Owner
29% Submissive
29% Brat
20% girl/boy
19% All-Rounder
16% Masochist
12% Degradation giver

Prospective live-in subs / slaves
You must be prepared to answer these questions
when we first speak on the phone:

Prospective live-in subs / slaves

Read These:

Question Sheet

Slave Contract

If you are serious about being a live-in slave ... You will send me a tribute

I am tired of waisting my time on wannabees!!!


Please Mistress Consider me as a live-in ~  $100

All Sessions / Rituals are by Appointment Only !

call:  304-616-8312



No Call - No Show

you must pay an additional fee of $50


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