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Mr Mike

It was my first experience with A Domme!

She took a lot of time explaining what BDSM was and is not!

She listened intently to what I wanted and took great pains ( pun intended ) with me. 

I will be back!



A truly professional and experienced dominatrix!

Her sessions are about sensations.

She loves inflicting pain and pleasure

both physical and mental

She draws insane reactions out of her subs/slaves thus making her sessions so damn memorable.



Arron John


My fantasy was to be blindfolded and tortured like a captured soldier and be shot if I didn't comply!

I was surprised when she “sure'.

We did the interrogation scene, and she told me that would be executed if I did not tell her what she wanted to know.

I refused, so she tied me to a tree and shot me with a paintball gun.

The red ink splattered all over my chest

OMG I loved it. 

Your Devoted Fan
Oh my redhead Goddess:
The sky turned pink, The sky is filled with glitter.
The air is filled with the fragrance of love and the world is more beautiful and you are becoming more and more divine in my eyes.
I bow to your extraterrestrial beauty and belong to you alone, the goal of all my lives for all eternity.
Your teasing sexually exciting figure keeps my mind completely under your control.
You are a thermonuclear.
You are all my eyes want to see!
You are all I think about, both day and night!
Tim O
Beat, Pray, Love!
I'm not a man of many words and I'm not gonna start now so I usually don't write such personal reviews such as this one, but I had such a wonderful experience that I felt compelled to.
She is nothing less than amazing!
She made me feel so comfortable
Will definitely be back for more!
fortunate one
If only I were single I would love to explore the option of being a live in slave with you !
As you were the best Mistress I ever served even though it was only a couple visits.
You are the best!
It was Her beauty that first caught his eyes... but it was Her words that had him hypnotized.
He always felt so all alone... until She described how She wanted someone to own.
It wasn't about sex and play... but about being controlled every day.
She described how when She found the one to train... She would use discipline, punishment and  even pain.
He knew he needed this and what ever else She gave... because in his heart he knew he was born a slave.
He knew Her words were only the start... when She was finished She'd own his body, mind and heart. 
If you seek a Mistress who is cultured and cruel,
a bitch with brains and beauty who can unlock your fantasies and unfurl your dreams
then welcome to Wonderland.
Despite my initial fears and inexperience being only as a newbie slave,
every step along the way Mistress has been extremely positive and reassuring.
This along with her keen intuition; delivered a most wonderful session
Deco Vixen is so beautiful and real.
Stern and loving- awesome!!
A wonderful call, she listens so well and answered my needs, truly caring.
Oh how wonderful it was to get your Guidance and direction
always your little one
When she walks it becomes a sacrament, a spiritual sacrifice to the goddess Aphrodite, a physical benediction to a man’s imagination.
My heart sings in secret a song of lust, each step an exercise in sensual perfection, proof of why men’s eyes follow so much like pet dogs, mentally measuring the width of her hips, so round and created for fleshly delights.
My heart flutters like a newly morphed butterfly gazing at the world for the first time, and when her flashing eyes meet mine at last, her pomegranate lips curled upward only slightly as if she sees the shadow of my need for her.
I am undone and fully exposed, lost in the gentle sway of her hips and breasts ready to drown in the ocean of a woman’s desire.
I have missed you my sweet baby.
Chris S
My session with her was outstanding!
I have rarely​ had such a wonderful experience.
I could not imagine sharing what I share with her, with anyone else.
It is nice to have someone to share with who understands has no judgements, and is so easy to talk to.
Craig 42
It took a while to get things set up, but I am glad I was persistent.
She was well worth the wait.
She's the type of women that most men would fantasize about!
She is gorgeous! and does not look her age at all.
Much better than her pictures.
Every thing about my experience with her was amazing.
She definitely knows what she's doing and takes her time.
She fun, discreet, very clean, and made me feel very special.
I totally recommended her.
I can't wait to see her again.
Joe 300
What a charmer!
She greeted me at the door with a skimpy black dress and stockings.
Her large boobs spilled over the top.
The entire time I was with this wonderful lady she had a smile on her face.
She is a great conversationalist, and very smart!
There is definitely more to her than just looks.
Totally worth the trip!
I will return!
Sam Jackson
A great afternoon .
I had the best experience today.
She is am amazing lady!!!
I am for sure, a regular!
Thank You Mistress!!!
Mr Nubie
I have been watching this lovely lady for a long time, trying to get my courage up to see her.
This is something I have never done.
I finely got over my shyness today and made an appointment.
She was very understanding over the phone and told me to come over at 3pm
She looks better in person than her pictures!
She took me by the hand and made me feel as though she had known me for a long time.
She calmed me down and took the lead on our session.
She has an amazing body, and her face and eyes light up as she is talking to you.
She had no problems with some experimentation's that I suggested.
I will return.
She is wonderful, sexy, bright, funny and charming.
Copernicus Rex
I can't get enough of this woman!
She is sweet, kind, and just what the doctor ordered ( pun intended: she holds 2 PhD's )
Even after I visited her this evening, I called her on my way home (She was kind enough to take my numerous calls)
I told her I want to see her again ASAP.
She is a true one of a kind.
Super cute, and magnificent tits, and ass.
OMG I might be in Love ( ok lust )
She is a real gem and wonderful lady.
She was well worth the 4 hour trip from Pittsburgh , PA to see her.
I almost hate to refer my best friend to her!
I want her all for myself!

Crotch Rocket

Ecstatic Temptress; Some idle chit chat with a lot of laughs while we were talking about my party the night before.
I came feeling unsure and nervous, but I left feeling like a million bucks.
Attractive looking lady.
Hair short and red.
She was dressed in tasteful revealing clothes.
Saw her the other day and was extremely impressed.
I have never seen a lady that was so, for lack of a better word, bubbly.
Soft hair, full lips, great smile and a smoking hot curvy body.
Sexy booty and great legs.
Wild Bill
This genuine femdom perfectly mixes things like: humiliation,, and spankings.
I knew the moment that I met her she was the real deal.
She was in constant communication with me throughout the entire time I was there.
Her instruction ranged from more soft-core to full on hardcore whipping!
Thus; she was in total "control" of my entire time as well as my masturbation instruction.
All this with a smile on her face, and soft hypnotic undertones in her voice.
You could tell that she really enjoys her sessions!
Naturally, as any lady that is familiar with the latest techniques; she truly showed her boy just what is so special about a "real woman".
When she does decide to take matters into her own hands, Oh my! Such divine torture!
Thank You so much for allowing me to see you.
I will be back my Goddess!
The English Man
When she opened the door she looked even more amazing then her pictures!
My God she looks half her age!
She has the cutest short red hair and amazing blue eyes!
And those tits! Damn beautiful 38DDD's
She had a sexy black dress on and I couldn't wait for her to take it off.
I left my donation on the dresser and could hardly contain my self !
She makes really good eye contact, and that got me really going.
She giggled gleefully and said she loves torturing men.
After we were done, we got dressed and said our goodbyes.
She is one of a kind, and I will be ringing her again.
Submissive Slave Steve 
I had the pleasure of a BDSM session with Mistress Deco Vixen, and all I can say is WOW!
Her pictures don't do her justice.
She's even more stunning in person!
She isn't just a Mistress, she is a Goddess!
I Just wanted to take a few minutes to convey my sincere appreciation for what was the best session I have ever had It was refreshing to see somebody who is so genuine, intelligent and beautiful.
She truly understands the relationship between Mistress and sub/slave and was in character the entire time.
She understands the psyche of the sub/slave and what makes people tick.
I can't wait to session again; Your humble slave Steve
She is amazing!
Enthusiastic and sensual, strict service.
I was more than satisfied with my time.
I think her body, face, and personality are perfect and what a beautiful smile.
It was very important to me to find someone who would not treat me like a number.
Mr G
I felt very safe at her place!
It was in a very nice neighborhood, not in a motel.
That itself spoke volumes to me.
She is very pretty and she is drug, drink, and smoke free;
She is very friendly.
Top Gun 81
I found her to be absolutely gorgeous, funny and smart.
She truly seems to like her work :)
She aims to please and willingly accommodates most BDSM requests with a smile on her face.
She is safety-conscious, and that I do like.
She is very friendly and cheerful, and a total sweetheart.
I will make sure I get to see her again.

Big Bruce

WOW...What an Enchantress and Temptress
I love a talented girl, but just as important, she has a positive personality and is engaging to talk to.
I was going nuts looking at pictures of her so I finally had to give her a try.
I saw her recently at her new location.
I was not disappointed when greeted me at the door.
A really engaging lady who likes to be in charge and is willing to make you submit any way she can.
OMG...what a goddess!
She has bright beautiful blue eyes, a nice smile, some bodacious tatas and a banging body.
She can out-do any 30 year old I know.
There is no way this beauty is 70!
She is cordial, charming, sexy, intelligent, and enthusiastic.
She did not rush our session and even offered me coffee and a snack after, how awesome is that?
I am smitten with this lovely lady, and will continue to see her on a regular basis.
I saw her in W.V. Boy am I glad I did.
She is a lovely and enthusiastic companion who makes sure you have a good time.
If you are tired of 20 somethings that rush you and act like they would rather be someplace else give this wonderful lady a chance.
She works very hard to make sure you enjoy your time spent together.
I will certainly repeat with this gem of a companion.




She decided to put on her birthday present which I had bought her.
I was very impressed with her BDSM service and she is pretty liberal as well so long as you behave like a gentleman.
I was extremely impressed that she tried everything in her powers to help make sure I left happy with my session.
Truly outstanding and memorable.
She has pretty face, nice smile and white teeth.


I went to see her at a room she rents

she is very pretty, and very friendly

and she is drug, drink, and smoke free

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