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Some of my sessions / rituals are:

Anuttarayoga Tantra


Behavior Modification




Corporal Punishment

Cross Dressing​


Energy / Chi Exchange

Erotic Guided Meditation

Exotic Burlesque / Strip Tease

Exotic Therapy

Fantasy / Fetish

Femdom Magick

Foot Worship


Hieros gamos

Human Furniture

Humiliation ( Public & Private )

Impact Play

Liber Xv, The Gnostic Mass

Lingam Worship

Nylon Worship


Primal Energy Work

Psychological Role Play

Recreational Scoldings

Ritual servitude

Role Play

Sensation Play

Sensory Deprivation

Shoes/Boots Worship

Tease And Denial

The Great Rite




Wiccan Rites


Yoni Worship

Much more!

So who gave you permission to masturbate?


I know that you are touching yourself !


Each time you touch your little penis

or even think of me

it will cost you five dollars


pay up pig


Each charm is:



BDSM Sessions are

 $250 per hour


Buy me something from Amazon


Buy My Used Panties



Please Mistress Consider Me as a live-in slave




To Her Royal Dommestress!



Soiled are my thoughts, toiled within my mind
a filthy fallen angel, death and sweat combined.

Seductive are my ways, I stay hidden within the crowd.

I hold my staff, while others laugh, cloaked in dirty shroud.

Chanting aloud, tall and proud, I charm all the men.

They bow on one knee, this dirty banshee for the once flirty has been.

I am a real witch, that is a total bitch.

I am your Succubus
I am a demon in female form.

I will haunt your dreams.

I will put a spell on you to satisfy all my whims

and kinky fuckery


I will have you begging for oh so much more.


All Sessions / Rituals are by Appointment Only !

call:  304-616-8312



No Call - No Show

you must pay an additional fee of $50



All Sessions / Rituals are by Appointment Only!

I am both a Dominatrix & Witch


All Tributes, Fees, Tithings are for :


Magick Charms, Ritual Sessions, Workshops and Alternative care ... and not for sex ...

Suggestions of anything illegal are not tolerated

I do not condone prostitution!

NOT EVERYONE IS INVITED TO PARTAKE IN MY RITUALS! Do not assume you will be invited ...

These practices are very sacred and have a divine spiritual meaning to me.

These sessions & rituals are a part of my belief system.

They can reveal truth, love, healing, transformation and ecstatic joy.

About my Sessions & Rituals:


I do not accept:



I value friendliness, professionalism & with sincere integrity in my approach with my rituals.



During my sessions & rituals I DO NOT allow:

​drinking, drugs, gambling, smoking or recording of ANY KIND ... LEAVE YOU CELL PHONE IN YOUR CAR


I ask that you do not discuss the sessions & rituals preformed at the Temple of Vision with others.

At the Temple of Vision:

We practice both ancient or modern BDSM & Wiccan rites and may be offered to my clients.

Our mission is promote spiritual tolerance, self empowerment, personal growth by providing an open and natural environment the encourages the free exchange of ideas, views and experiences, resulting in a greater understanding and respect of all people.

Each Session or rituals usually lasts about an hour


​New clients must have proper ID and my pass screening .


I also offer a Phone Consulting Service .




I don't like cancellations!


If you are a "No Call / No Show" there is an additional fee of $50

I am not available 24/7 ... 365 days.

Double, triple, check your schedule before scheduling an appointment.


I understand that emergencies are inevitable, please keep me in the loop if this is your reason for cancelling.



I accept cash, or cash app.


As of right now that is the only way I accept payment, if you have another way in mind to pay this let me know.

Tributes / Titheings:


Please arrive with the correct amount, I prefer large bills!


Have them in an unsealed white envelope and please place it on the alter in clear sight.


Don't pull out your wallet, and count it in front of me, asking things like " $500 is that right?" then hand it to me.

During Appointments:


I will end the session or ritual immediately, and you will be asked to leave if you:


* Forget your wallet, and now need to go back out to your car.

* Have a bad attitude.

* Not a gentleman.

* Try any rough stuff with me.

* Talk or text on the phone while you are with me.

* Attempt to record and / or take pictures.

* Ask me "what do I get for $______ amount"


Please do not ask overly personal questions.


When getting to know someone being asked questions is a given, but there are certain questions that shouldn't be asked.


For example asking me how many clients I have seen, how much money I make, is rude, intrusive and none of your business.


Extended Sessions:


If you have scheduled an appointment for a certain length of time but might want to extend our time together please let me know ahead of time since my time is very limited.


If you are interested in seeing me for a multi-hour appointment, overnight or 24 hour appointment please let me know ahead of time.



If you are coming from work please shower before you arrive, if you can not, you are always welcome to use the shower and other products available.


I don't wear perfume; but you are welcome to wear your cologne.

BDSM  & Wiccan Newbie Friendly:


I am aware that not everyone sees a Domme  or  a Witch everyday.


If you are a new client, please be advised that you may be asked to provide a reference and / or identifying info.

You also may be asked to sign a disclaimer/waver/hold harmless form.


I pride myself on providing and amazing experience and ensure you this process is simple and convenient.


I want to be able to continue to provide the same wonderful time that I always have, while ensuring both of our personal safety and security.


So ... Please understand this is part of the process.



I do accept references as a way of making sure that you are safe to see.

Reference Request:


I am happy to be used as a reference, contact me in advance that you want to use me as a reference.


When doing so please Email me with "Reference Request" in the header and in the body include your name, phone number, date we met, where we met and anything else that might jog my memory.


References are favors not requirements, so help me help you!

call:  304-616-8312

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