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Session Info:

Have you have ever dreamed of serving a Dominant Woman, by essentially being her slave ... Or perhaps ... fantasized of being under her strict control and subject to her discipline when she is displeased?

You have felt that this was the purpose of your existence!
You spent many, many years trying to fulfill this ... your deepest desire.
You have never been able to achieve this before ... in any relationship!

Or it was only just a short term fantasy, that left you longing for more!
You have never felt that any of your relationships were ever truly real.

Your life has always felt like it was only a play, with an occasional visit to a Fun House, and then despondently … you had to return home to a vanilla reality.

Did you give up hope that you would ever achieve the #1 goal of your life? ... Real Female Domination!

Few women have the confidence for this mastery, and among real women like me, it's almost unheard of!
So congratulations ... you have found the Domme of your dreams!

I have had plenty of adventures, and my friends appreciate my exploits ...
They even live vicariously through me at times !

I do notice that men of all ages single me out.
They have an eye for my sensual nature ... I take it as a compliment ...

So now it is your chance to serve me ...
Don't let the pictures fool you … I am confident in my plan of attack!

I know what you are thinking: "Oh she is smiling in her pictures, so she is a pushover"
I am smiling because I took those picture for my Alpha male...NOT YOU!

I will facilitate your submission, appreciate being with you, and respect your needs until you are ready to take it further.

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