I am flexible to your needs:

Adventure calls ... Take your next step ...


Experience for yourself  how pleasure can be therapeutic ... Go a little wild ... and have an amazing indulgence ...


Become one of the privileged ...

Only a select few are chosen ...

I am extending my private invitation to you!

Your darkest secret is safe with me.


You have had desires for as long as you can remember, and now those desires have turned to needs!  

  • Why do you have them? 

  • Where did they come from? 

  • What should you do about them? 


I can help you examine the underpinnings of your needs, determine what purpose they are serving in your life, and find the most constructive and beneficial ways to manage them.

Obviously human beings typically possess the capacity to have experiences in at least the five familiar sensory modalities, and quite possibly in a number of other less commonly recognized modalities as well.

It is time to reach a higher plane of existence and  transition thru some of my rituals.

Keep in mind that doing things which make us happy, is the source of growth, and development of inner human qualities.

I do prefer to ease into things as you become more comfortable and get to know me better.


But first, most importantly, I need to verify that we can be candid with each other, thus leading to a good association, wonderful conversation and a grand interaction.


Many of my clients are long term.


You are paying for my expertise, and  I want this to be meaningful to both of us





About my BDSM Sessions:

I am a woman who takes the dominant role in a BDSM setting, and I hold all of the power in those sessions!

Do NOT forget that!

My expertise and research on Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism (BDSM) spans many years.


I have a firm grasp on the technical ability to perform many power plays, and and other interpersonal dynamics.


Given the wide range of practices, my experience in the BDSM & Wiccan world spans over 40+ years!


I am very 1950's stylized, however I am non- stereotypical female-dominated, and my subs/slaves  are trained with traditional values.


I am a firm believer in punishment / reward system as a means of discipline.


Do not contact me about a BDSM session unless you know that service to a good woman is, and that it is what you want, and need to feel complete.




Don't let my pictures fool you ...

I am confident in my plan of attack!

I am Erotic, Exotic, and a Little Psychotic !

​So don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance,

my calmness for acceptance,

or my kindness for weakness !


I will facilitate your submission, appreciate being with you and respect your needs until you are ready to take it further.


If you want; feel free to bring your own chains,  leash, handcuffs, whip or whatever toy you like!



Everyone is different ... So your limits are mine.


I draw the line at:


Anyone under the age of 18;


Edge-play ( ie: risk aware consensual kink or play ),  erotic asphyxiation, water-boarding, needle play, fire play, knife play, gun-play, neurotically self-destructive behavior, or any near death experience!


NO drinking, drugs, gambling, smoking allowed!



I do not risk of spreading disease, such as:


Cutting, blood-play, scat / diaper play, enemas, bestiality, permanent markings / permanent tissue damage or interference with organ functions, of any kind, etc.


I use safety words and/or gestures and I am a firm believer in: Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC)


o Red means STOP, LET ME OUT, and NOW!
o Yellow means slow down, softer, getting concerned, etc.
o Green means go harder, faster, etc.





My time is limited so do not bother me if you are ...


Not going to make an appointment, have some snide comment or a stupid question.


"Life is too short to waste ...

Dreams are fulfilled only through action."


At our meeting you are welcome to talk about:


All Sessions are by Appointment Only !

call:  304-616-8312


No Call - No Show

you must pay an additional fee of $50