Financing a car doesn’t have to be complicated


Once you understand the basics, you’ll be in a better position to decide on the car financing option that’s right for you.

We work with local banks or credit unions and we can help you choose a bank that’s easy to work with on your terms.

Fees are often lower at small local institutions, and they can help Identify your financing needs.

Smaller institutions can have a surprisingly large offering of products and services.

Banking with a local institution helps to support your local economy, and it may make your banking experience easier.

Big banks often have rigid systems and processes, and they aren’t always easy to work with.

If you need help from customer service, you may be forced to call a national toll-free number.


In Contrast that experience with a local bank, where the same person can handle everything for you in one sitting.


Feel free to use the “Make a Budget” worksheet as a guide.