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In person Readings & Advice

   $60 per half Hr

Phone Readings & Advice
$60 per half Hr
Treatments $100 per Hr

Reiki Treatments
Qigong Healing
Chakra Clearing & Balancing


Sound Healing / Biofield Tuning
Painless Electro Acupuncture
Traditional Acupuncture
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Services $150 per Hr

Life Coaching
Couples Coaching/Interaction

Holistic Massage


My Blessing include:

  • Smudging

  • Clearing Candle

  • Reiki Infused Energy Work

Confidential Spell Casting Services for all situations  


Spell or Curse Removal

$100 per 1/2 hour

plus the cost of materials

Call me before you buy this ...

We need to discuss what you want to accomplish!

Goddess, God, Divine are all part of the Universe as am I ...

So when I do spell work "We" are all working in unison.

About Spells:

A spell is something I do with the will,

the intent, and the awareness to generate a specific result.


It is a ritual, a set of thoughts, or an incantation carried out to create

change on a higher and spiritual level.

About the Readings:

A powerful psychic reading can be a pretty amazing experience. Of course, working with an AWESOME  reader can take your reading from drab to fab.

Prepare Mentally:
What’s on your mind that caused you to make an appointment for a reading?

A day or so before your session take a little time and think about the questions you’d like to ask, or the areas you’d like to cover during your appointment.

Be Relaxed:
It’s totally normal to be nervous prior to a reading.

(I always ask new clients if they are nervous before we begin and 99% say yes).

However, it really helps the energy flow in a session when you are relaxed.

Ask the Right Questions:
When you ask questions that begin with why, how, or what, you are really opening the door to exploring an issue in depth.

For example, someone might say, “will I ever get along with my in-laws?” which could easily be answered yes or no.

Instead, try asking something like, “what am I supposed to be learning from my relationship with my in-laws?” or “how can I repair my relationship with my in-laws?”

It’s All About Energy!
This is key to a powerful psychic reading! Keeping the energy flowing during a reading is super important!

One great way to do this is to be open to all possibilities. In your reading, discuss the issues you came for, but welcome the unexpected also.


(A good psychic reader will have set the intention that your session is for your highest and best good.)

While it’s true that the reader should be doing most of the talking, that doesn’t mean you have to sit solemnly in silence... In fact, you should participate to keep the energy going.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Disappointment:
The job of a psychic is to give those in spirit a voice.


You may not always hear exactly what you want to hear, but you will hear what your departed loved one or the Divine feels is most important.


If you go in with this mindset, your experience will be more enjoyable

Take Notes:
I recommend that people that they take notes. Even if you have a memory like an elephant, take notes.


People always say they will remember everything, they don’t.


Write down important points.

Eliminate Distractions:
A powerful psychic reading cannot take place if you are distracted. During your reading, you really want to focus on the task at hand.


If you are having a phone reading, make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable place with no distractions... that means no kids running around, ignoring call waiting, etc.

Enjoy It:
Above all else, enjoy the experience! A powerful psychic reading should feel like a conversation with a friend that you don’t want to end.

Participate, ask questions, get excited! Have fun!

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