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Gloria A Kuhstos PhD, MBA, CWS

Ph.D. in Noetic Sciences ~ VIT Inc.
Ph.D. in Metaphysics ~ ULC
M.B.A. Business Management ~ Rochville University
Masters of Zen ~ ULC
C.W.S. In Philosophical Anthropology ~ University of Akron
C.W.S. In Humanistic Psychology ~ University of Akron

C.W.S. In F.E. ~ Lowell Institute At Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (M.I.T.)

C.E.B.M./C.R. In E.B.M./C.R. ~ A.V.S.

Licenses & Certificates:

Licensed Minister ~ Pagan & Secular
Licensed Spiritual Counselor
Licensed to perform marriages ~ State of Ohio & State of West Virginia

Certified Notary Public ~ West Virginia
Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Tantra Master/Teacher

Concealed Carry West Virginia

NRA Firearms Instructor

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

Certificate in Modern Recording Techniques

Additional Training:


Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland, OH

US Army Medic Training - US Army - Fort Dix, NJ

Osteopathic Physician Assistant - Dr. Robert M. Stevenson MD/DO - Kent, OH

Paramedic Training - Akron Fire Dept - Akron, OH

OBGYN Surgical Assistant ( Pre op, op, post op ) - Dr. Rein Seiner - Akron, OH

Guidelines for CPR and ECC Science In Service - American Heart Association

Operator First Aid Training - Tactical Operations Consulting, LLC - Stephens City, VA

Certified Range Pistol Instructor - NRA

Certified Chief Range Safety Officer - NRA

Awards Received:

Award Of Excellence, Rochville University

Certificate Of Distinction Rochville University

USA Citizenship Award

Big Sister/Big Brother Of The Year

Certificate Of Appreciation; The Planetary Society (S.E.T.I.)

Participation Certificate; Mars Lander (N.A.S.A.)

Winner Of The Prestigious Artistic Visionary Book Award For;

"The Way Of The Universe"



Interim CEO & Chairperson of the Board Of Directors: Veg Inc.

Founder & High Priestess of the Temple of Vision

Founding Member of The Society of the Unique

Member of A.R.E ( Association for Research and Enlightment)

Member of IONS ( Institute of Noetic Sciences )

Member of  SPR ( Society of Psychical Research )

Member of The Order Rosæ Crucis

Member of Ordo Templi Orientis

Member of The Prieuré de Sion

Member of MPS ( The Masonic Philosophical Society )
House Psychic: The Masonic Lodge; Lakewood, OH

Rochville University, Student Council

Advisory Board: Edu Tek College

Advisory Board: A.B.O.L. Learning Center

Advisory Board: The Akron Institute

Advisory Board: National Institute Of Technology

Member of N.A.P.W. ( National Association of Professional Women )

Ahima ( American Health Information Management Association )

Lauricidin Health Professionals Network

Streetsboro Alumni Association

B.M.I. (Broadcast Music, Inc.)

Sony Corporation Of America
Body, Mind Spirit Directory
Reiki Practitioners Directory

Interests & Activities:

Tai Chi Chan, Black Belt.

Karate, 3rd Brown Belt.

Judo, 3rd Brown Belt.

Krav Maga

I come from a long lineage of Psychics!
My ancestry can be traced to the ancient
Greek & Roman Oracles of Delphi, Dodona & Didyma
I have had a gift all of my life!
Stemming back to my very early childhood,
I was able to sense and see things before they happened!
I use many different tools to tap into The Universe and it's answers.
I am the only one in the World with the ability to read the
"The Way of The Universe Symbols"
My reading are a combination of:
psychic abilities
and common sense

My Gifts Are:

* Precognition ~ 99%
( knowledge of a future event or situation )

* Clairvoyance ~ 99%
( power  to  see  objects  or  events  that  cannot  be  perceived  by  the  senses )

* Remote Viewing ~ 99%
( the ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target )

* Retrocognition ~ 98%
( perception of something that has happened in the past )

* Empathy ~ 92%
( identification with and understanding of another's situation )

* Channeling ~ 90%
( convey  messages  from  a  spiritual  guide )

* Telepathy ~ 90%
( communication  between  minds  by  some  means  other  than  sensory  perception )

My accuracy  rate is 97.34%

I am the Psychic that other Psychics call for advice


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