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 Some People I have met along my travels 

 Entertainment History: 

G A. Kuhstos grew up in Streetsboro, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland.


Her fraternal Grandmother, who played for silent Movies in the early 1900's introduced her to the entertainment industry at an early age.


She founded Vision Entertainment Group Inc. in 1970, and is it's CEO

She has co-produced industrial trade shows for "Morgan Foods, KFC, Pepsi and R.J. Reynolds."

She has traveled extensively through out Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and the U.S.A.


She co- produced " LV- 426 " with David E. Nabinger Jr. in 1997,


She has played out at Funky Charms 1, 2 & 3.


She was an iatrical part of the production of a show done in 2003 by "The Producers " at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


She is a computer analyst, builds computers, maintains and installs peripherals, teaches basic computer skills.


She is directly involved in music and video production & consulting.

 I have worked with the following: 

Mike Jackson ( 8 time Grammy award winner )

Keith Linn ( Keith London)

WAKX [Superior WI] 1965
WOIO [Canton OH] 1969
WCUE [Akron OH] 1975
WINW [Canton] 1977
WKDD [Akron] 1979
WRCW [Canton] 1982-1984

David E. Nabinger Jr ( Dr Super Dave )

Jeff Beck

Joe LePoidevin ( J Stylez)

Robert Redden ( L B )

Anthony Rich

DJ Pain

The Divine Soldiers

Tze'ec ( Mayan Jaguar Priest )

Bobby K

Black Wolf

Crash & Felony

Implied Logic

Dez Drastik


Jason Marsh


Naughty Groove

Alan Lamb

Wil Revehl

Kevin Wilson

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