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Large Wing Smudge Fan

Smudging is a ritual to cleanse or clear a person, a place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences.


Smudging is not strictly for use in cleansing and purifying, it can be used to draw in positive energies and as a means of creating smoke to carry our prayers up to the Divine.




Tarot Card Candle

This is a grab bag item

Each candle comes with a mini tarot card .


These candles are designed to help you reach your full potential in life.

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Blessing Bag

Contains everything you need for a person, house, or  building blessing.

Ingredients are: ritual soap, kosher blessed salt, a white candle, sage bundle and instructions on how to do the blessing

Rustic Green Metal Candle Holder
3 1/2 in high

Limited quantity

Only 1 available

Holds up to 31/2 in candle


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